Learning Starts Early

Creating a partnership with families, enables us to offer more than basic learning and care services for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. We are able to focus on quality time and provide a creative curriculum that includes early literacy, math, science, fine and gross motor, sensory exploration, and social/emotional/self-help skills. We  correlate our curriculm with the Vermont Early Learning Standards along with other highly regarded teaching practices including Creative Curriculm, High-Scope, and Montessori. We provide guidance through the Consciuos Disipline Program which focuses on intergrating social-emotional learning, discipline, and self regualtion into all aspects of our daily routine and using moments of conflict or fustration as a moments to teach and guide.

It is our multi-faceted approach to learning and child care that makes our Center one of the premier agencies in the region. Our care and learning facilities welcomes all children from six-weeks through preschool.

Infants & Toddlers

Security and consistency are two things our caregivers provide. We make sure your child receives plenty of attention, with daily routines that include responsive play, reading, and nuturing care. Children ages six-weeks throught 2 years are welcome.


Making the jump to being in school full-time is a big step. We know children learn at different paces and in their own way, so all activities are based around each child's individual needs and interests. Children ages 3 to 5 are welcome. Our daily schedule can be downloaded below.

Care Hours

We know the difficulties of balancing life, work, and children so we are open 6:30am-6pm Monday-Friday Year round and we only close on major holidays. No week long or monthly closures like many other local centers.